MYWAY is the navigation system employed during Oceanographic Cruises
of the Italian Antarctic Research Program (PNRA).

The system, based on web technologies, was developed by ENEA
and uses only Open Source Software.

MYWAY·AT·HOME is the system section that allows you to follow
live the current Oceanographic Campaign.

  • Conning

    Conning panel shows the cruise information grouped in current and next waypoint position, vessel and meteo information.

  • Map

    Map reports the current track of the LAURA BASSI vessel in a geo-referred map with other useful data like current ice concentration and bathymetric curves.

  • Position

    Position shows the current vessel position with useful navigation information to the side.

  • Diary

    Follow the PNRA cruise day by day

  • Info

    Info explains Myway and MAH architecture, theirs main components and significant functions.


System Design & development

Stefano Ferriani

Ma la terra con cui hai diviso il freddo mai più potrai fare a meno di amarla.

Bene!, Vladimir Majakovskij, 1929